Venice at Night, Italy

gate towers in venice at night 2004 italy pictureVenice at night. I think these are something like the gates to the city over the water. Given it was so late and there was nobody around to ask, we couldnt be too sure. Needless to say that it was certainly well lit up. Interesting shadowy figure beneath one of the towers...

Sacre Coeur Basilica Paris France

france paris photos sacre coeur basilica picture almost best views of parisThe Sacré Cœur Basilica, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur or Basilica of the Sacred Heart is in the Montmarte District of Paris. Although it looks very old, it was actually only completed in the early years of the 20th Century. But it is still very beautiful, and it offers some of the best views, if not the best views of Paris outside the Eiffel Tower. But here, there arent any queues. If you get a chance, make sure you take some time out to sit on the steps below the church. Just soak up all of Paris. If you find a good clear day in Paris, this is the place to visit.

View Over Salzburg in Winter, Austria

salzburg photos view over city including river salzach in snowy winter from castle Beautiful snow covered Salzburg in winter. This was taken from Salburg Castle, perhaps the best place to get a great view of Salburg and the Salzach River winding through. Its a long walk up to the Castle, or fortress, but trust me, its worth it. Even with the snow falling around you, and the wind blowing, views of Europe dont get much better than this.

Canals of Venice at Night, Italy

venice photos canals at night well lit italy The very quiet canals of Venice at night. They have gone to quite an effort to light up the best parts of Venice. Quite beautiful, and after 9pm in winter, the streets are almost empty. It was quite a surprise to us as to how low key Venice was at night. I think it indicates that the tourists are all in bed, waiting for their next day's activities.

Placa Reial Barcelona Spain

placae reial photo in barcelona off la rambla lanterns designed by gaudi The Placa Reial, just off La Rambla in Barcelona in Spain. This is a very popular square in Barcelona during the day and quite stunning. Of course at night, it can become a bit seedy, with plenty of kind souls willing to offer you something called hashish. Whatever you do, dont engage them. If a local asks you something, as rude as it might seem, dont stop, keep walking. The lanterns in the Placa Reial were designed by Antoni Gaudi. Yet another of his influences in Barcelona.

Kilbarron Lake, Feakle, County Clare, Ireland

kilbarron lake photo feakle county clare This is the lake that it is said contains Biddy Early's potion bottle, thrown in here by a Priest after her death. Fancy a dip to try to find it? Apparently very good fishing here, and it is incredibly peaceful. Jettys have been set up to accomodate the fisherman.

Winter in Paris from Invalides to Eiffel Tower

france photos paris in winter view from invalides to eiffel tower rising over beautiful buildingsParis in wintertime. This is a photo taken from Invalides looking toward the Eiffel Tower rising over the beautiful buildings. Yes, another great place to live! Im going to put a donate button on this site so good people can help me afford one!

Salzach River in Winter, Salzburg Austria

best travel photos salzach river in salzburg austria in winter mountain background The Salzach River in Winter in Salzburg. Salzburg really is a nice place. I know people come here to do the Sound of Music Tour, but there really is a whole lot more to see. At the very least, soak up some of the atmosphere, or just enjoy the local hospitality. Nice people the Austrians. Salzburg is very beautiful in Winter. I'll try it in summer next time, and i might even partake in the Sound of Music tour myself. I want to see if the hills really come alive.

Canals of Venice in the Afternoon

italy photos venice in the afternoon sun shining on boats qiet backwater very beautiful I do like this photo of Venice. To me it sums the beauty of this place, not St Marks Square or other monuments, but the little backwater canals with boats from people's houses. While i think Venice is a bit of a tourist trap (literal trap when you get lost), it is still a beautiful destination in Italy.

Les Invalides Paris in Winter

paris in the wintertime les inavlides photo franceLes Invalides, Paris, France. Home to Napoleon's tomb. Even in winter in Paris, the sun still shines. Which unfortunately is more than i can say for London. Pity really.

Barcelona Streetscape Las Ramblas Spain

spain pictures las ramblas in barcelona streetscape photoBarcelona, Las Ramblas is a pedestrian mall which connects Placa catalunya with the Christopher Columbus monument just on the edge of the water. This is always incredibly busy, lots of street vendors, entertainment and plenty of tourists. Watch out for the guys doing the 3 card trick or three card monte. I saw a German tourist losing 50 euro on that.

Oh and also watch out for the pickpockets during the day and the muggers with knives at night. That one cost me 50 euro, but i got to keep my camera. Go figure. Id rather have lost my money on a 3 card trick. At least that would have provided some entertainment. Oh but what would i do without the happy memory of a drug hazed black guy with a knife at my stomach? The joys of travelling...

Steven Spielberg in Salzburg, Austria

austria photos possible sighting of steven spielberg at salzburg castle Yes, its a grainy shot, and not one that i would normally post here. But i was in a rush. We could have sworn that the guy on the back left of this photo was Steven Spielberg. This is the path leading down from Salzburg Castle also known as Hohensalzburg Fortress. As we left the Castle, a man walked past rather briskly and we both considered that it was Spielberg. He seemed to know the guard at the gate.

We tried our best to catch up to him, but the path is very steep and as you can see, very icy. Try as we might, and we have 25 years on the guy, he kept getting further away. Not only is he a great filmaker, but he is a confident and sure walker. Alas, he got away and we couldnt confirm our theory. We guessed that he may have been doing research at Salzburg Castle for a future film. I cant see any evidence of a recent movie, but perhaps someone can elighten me. It would be a great location...